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Which platform you should create an app on – iOS or Android

What’s interesting to note is that when a new business enters the market, they focus on creating an application on iOS, and Android is always the second priority for them. Even though iOS is popular, in certain cases, it is a wise decision to develop for Android first. The reasons can be found listed below.

Let’s get into the factors that matter most when a developer chooses between Android, iOS, or even both. The factors we are talking about here are demographics, the revenue plans of each of these platforms, speed of development, and designing and creating UI.

According to the demographics, Android holds first place beating iOS. With a complete market share of 80 percent, it is very popular in low-income countries and developing nations. It may appear through this data that Android surpasses iOS completely, but a user of iOS is considered more valuable. Apple users make the most of in-app purchases, and online retail and the advertisements run on the iOS applications drastically increase the average spend. Around 40 percent of the market share is held by Apple smartphones. The conclusion, in terms of the factor of demographics, Android may seem like the clear choice, but this isn’t the case necessarily.

The number of ad-supported applications in Android is huge, but who pays more for applications? The answer is the iOS platform. It makes the users of iOS valuable. Keeping the revenues in mind, iOS users are more valuable than others. The development time of Android is much longer than iOS. The longer development time is the operating system release cycles and the Android fragmentation. But the issue of Android fragmentation is gradually vanishing.

The approval time is the biggest problem for iOS developers. The application should meet the standard criteria of Apple; otherwise, it will be rejected. The process can take several days before the application is finally approved. Even a small mistake like a longer loading time, like 20 seconds, can get your application rejected. It can get frustrating at some point.

In comparison with the Google play store, getting approval in Apple’s App Store is a little difficult. Android applications usually get clearance within a few hours. You can make changes to your android application and upload it without worrying about approval. In the case of iOS applications, getting approval from Apple can be a scary and hectic task.
Want to know when it’s the best idea to create an application on iOS? First, it is easier to write iOS apps than Android apps. Apple users spend more time, money, and data while using the mobile application in comparison to Android app users. Hence, making it the best choice. Android becomes the obvious choice when the target audience is android users. Androids are still a big part of developing nations’ markets.

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