Pay Per Click marketing

What is Pay-Per-Click marketing & why it’s important?

Realizing how Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing works gives you the evidence of strategies that big brands like Amazon, Airbnb, etc are utilizing to snare clients directly out of the door on search engines like Google.PPC is the most remarkable channel accessible to advanced advertisers since it presents your image to possible clients at the highest point of the search engine results page leading to organic listings

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click marketing, is a strategy for digital advertising where the sponsor runs an advertisement on a particular network or platform and pays each time the advertisement is clicked. The marketing objectives like getting more leads, sales, traffic and obtaining more application downloads. There are various benefits of using pay per click marketing strategy.

Looking for immediate results through marketing? In just 24 hours, PPC strategy can generate results. The platforms like Google and Microsoft ads get approved within one day. Pay per click strategy is in complete contrast with organic SEO-based strategies. The worst part about SEO based strategies is that it takes up to six months to show the first results. Before putting up the PPC ads, research the competitors. Try SERP as it helps gather organic and paid results. It allows you to see what is working the best for your rivals. Create your strategy according to it and maximize your business ROI.

Want to increase the conversion rate up to 50 percent quickly? Advertising using a PPC strategy can help a lot. The main two reasons why it works the best is because Google has given lots of space on search results for ad placements. Previously, an advertisement could be easily differentiated but now with a small label of “Ad”, they have become even harder for anyone to recognize. The second reason, the more clicks on the advertisement, the higher the number of purchases.

With PPC marketing, be the one in complete control. Unlike SEO based marketing strategies, pay per click marketing allows the user to have maximum control and refine every phase of your marketing campaign. For instance, if you are starting a campaign from the very beginning, you can complete details about your target audience as per their location, the language they speak, what websites they’ve visited and like to visit, and various additional factors. These are the reasons why PPC is not like SEO-based marketing but PPC marketing is possibly the most important marketing tool out there to make noteworthy changes in marketing.

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