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Use These Best Free SEO Tools & Get More Traffic To Your Website

What is SEO? It is a common term but for those who don’t have information about it. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a tool used to improve the quality of the website. Helps identify the weakness and the strengths of a website which helps the website to rank high on the search engine results page. Whenever you ever search for a thing, do you ever look at the third or fourth page of the search results? You may take a look at the second page and that is obviously very rare. Being on the first page of the results is important for your website otherwise it basically fails. We hope this message is received loud and clear “If you want to get more traffic on your website, it has to be on the first page otherwise your website is basically invisible.” Didn’t mean to alarm you. But you must use the mentioned best free SEO tools to optimise your website

Try Google Pagespeed Insights to check the speed and the way it works on various platforms. You have to enter the URL of the website that you wish to check. The loading time, the performance, speed index, total blocking time and other information are available on this page. This gives you the opportunity to improve your website.

You may or may not know this but keywords are important in SEO as it helps the website to gain a high ranking and boost traffic. Identify primary and secondary keywords of a particular topic. Simply enter your topic and a long list of keywords will appear on

Google Analytics is one of the best marketing SEO tools. Get complete website stats and searches insights. Tracking your website traffic is not the only thing that is done on Google Analytics as it allows keyword insights as well. Follow the steps, set up your account name and do the property setup and mention your business or URL to use it.

Google Trends is the tool you have been looking for optimize your website as it essentially allows you to see the relevant search popularity of topics running all across the globe and the keyword interest over time. It displays popular search words or phrases over time, which supports the user to uncover seasonal variations in search popularity. Related topics and related queries are present in Google Trends.

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