Having a website has various advantages but if it's not able to keep the customers, then let me tell you that this is a huge problem for you.

Ten things a website should have & five things it shouldn’t

Do you have a website? If you do then is it able to attract traffic and convert them to customers? Having a website has various advantages but if it’s not able to keep the customers, then let me tell you that this is a huge problem for you. When you have a website you should make sure that it is capable of being accessed from various platforms to increase profits for your business. 

Professional Looking Website

You do want your website to gain more leads, right? How can I expect that to happen with a boring-looking website? Sloppy-looking websites can be a total turnoff.


Invest in a Private Domain Name 

If you want your website to become more popular then investing a little money wouldn’t be such a bad idea. To make your website look trustworthy, get your private domain name.


Secure website 

You need to make sure that the transactions taking place on your websites are completely secure and comply with the requirements of PCI DSS.


Easy to remember domain name

The domain name of your business should be easy to read and remember. 


Business name and address

If you want your company’s domain to be findable then make both names and address prominently on your website. 


Easy to understand

The images, descriptions, and content should convert your company’s brand and products through a single glance. 


Feature Your USP 

Your unique selling point (USP) lets visitors know why they should stay close by and work with you, rather than clicking back to the search options. 


Customer Testimonials Are Important 

The most ideal way to let individuals know how extraordinary your company is is through the customer’s words.


Request Visitor Feedback 

You can get familiar with what’s working and what isn’t on your site with the help of testimonials. make sure you have a feedback form on your website.


Address Your Visitors

Your site content should zero in on how you can help your clients, rather than how amazing you are.

Apart from these ten things, we have mentioned five things that shouldn’t be on your website. 


  • Stay completely away from numerous bells and whistles

  • Too much use of moving text, flash animation, fancy cursors, or sounds should be avoided

  • Posting images without alt tags or text captions is a huge no.

  • Avoid error pages and dead links 

  • If you have multiple products and services, keeping all of them on the same page should be avoided.

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