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Love Reading Books? Try Out These 4 Best E-Books

Long gone are the days, when people used to bring a book along. But, now bibliophiles have moved on to e-book apps as they are getting more and more time to spend at home and it is the last resort to find solitude. The value of the e-book market was valued at 18.13 billion dollars and it is expected to reach a total estimate of 23.12 billion dollars by 2026.

Ebook apps have thousands of books with features like personal dictionaries, font adjustment options, visually pleasing, and the best part about e-books is that they can be accessed anywhere.

So, we offer here a list of the best e-books reading apps available that will definitely impress you.



If you are looking for audiobooks then let me tell you this app is a winner. The design of this app is completely unique. What makes this app are the enormous and especially skilled reciters. This app can be accessed with an affordable monthly subscription fee and the users even get the option to download the books


The amazing plus point of having the Audible app is that the users can cancel the subscription and they can still listen to the books download before canceling the subscription.

Apple Books


This ebook app is only accessible to Apple users but offers a great experience. The simplicity and the security are something that pleases the users the most and rightfully so.


Just like iTunes, the users get access to an inclusive library of all the books. To use this app, you need to find a book that you like and download it by making payments that are completely affordable. In this app, the user can find the books by different genres and categories or choose different fonts, colors, or backgrounds.



Among all the e-book apps,  Goodreads is one of the best apps because it serves as a social networking site for readers. It is so much fun because you get to read your favorite book and even be a part of the book club where you get to discuss it.


So, if you have just started a book and are thinking whether it is worth your time then just ask on Goodreads. With more than 40 million users, the Goodreads app has created a community for book lovers so to say.



This app is also called Netflix for book lovers and it is completely true. Don’t know why? It’s because the users at an affordable monthly subscription get access to unlimited free books. You can read those books or listen to them. Along with e-books, the user gets access to magazines, newspapers, articles, etc. Both Android and iOS users can download this app.

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