monetize your mobile app

Learn the best ways to monetize your mobile app

Mobile applications have been conquering the market at a tremendous speed. Because of the popularity of mobile apps, there are almost 2.8 million Android apps available. Around 1.96 million applications are available on the Apple App Store as well. This market offers an excellent opportunity to those who want to build a fortune through mobile applications. Just creating an application won’t do the trick, and it has to be relevant for the public to make a stand out in this dynamic market. Developing or launching mobile applications isn’t the magic spell that you may assume it is.

Two reasons make app monetization very important. Do you know those two reasons?

If you know this, great! If you don’t, then there’s nothing to worry about because we have your back. Monetize your mobile app to promote growth and increase revenue. It motivates the mobile app developers to enhance the complete user experience. Everything in an application is interrelated. If you want to improve the audience to like your application, its UX design should be great. By the word “Great,” we want to say that it should be visually appealing and user-friendly, and the design should be interaction oriented. We feel that you don’t know what interaction-oriented design means. In simple words, the interaction between users and products in terms of the design’s sound, feel, and aesthetics is the primary purpose of interaction design. To be completely precise, interaction-oriented design concentrates on user behavior and how your layout can personalize their user experience. We now know why the monetization of an application is essential. Learn the best ways to monetize your mobile app.

But what exactly is mobile app monetization? 

The basic definition of mobile app monetization is the method of generating revenue from mobile apps. The purpose served by app monetization is to convert an application to genuine revenue. The mobile apps usually utilize the free-to-play approach like in-app advertisements, allowing in-app purchases or monthly or yearly subscriptions like various popular applications like Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

In-app advertising has turned out to be the easiest and the best monetization method. There are, in total, three ways to earn revenue through applications, and those three are Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM), Cost per Click (CPC), and Cost per Action (CPA). Banner advertisements, native advertisements, interstitial advertisements, or affiliate advertisements are known to be highly beneficial in increasing earnings.

Nearly half of the non-gaming applications use in-app purchases as an app monetization method. But here’s a fun fact for you. In gaming apps, in-app purchases happen to be 80 percent of the total revenue. Unbelievable, right? Favorite gaming apps like Candy Crush are an excellent example of app monetization through in-app purchases.

Don’t we all already know that the content is the king? Because good content comes quality, helpful information, and audience engagement. We aren’t exaggerating because the content is the one that adds value, and the audience seeks value. The audience is like a lost pup looking for good content, looking for a direction. With the help of helpful content strategies, they can be lured to a particular domain. Give the audience good content and look forward to a stable revenue.

Regarding mobile app monetization, you can’t rely on just one or two income streams. Using a combination of these strategies in your app monetization plan is critical, and the key is to provide a consistent and productive user experience.

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