make an application go viral

How to make an app go viral?

Once an application goes viral, it changes its growth altogether. Attracts users and leads to millions of application downloads. Every business owner wants their product to go viral. But traditional ways of marketing and advertising can never help your reach virality. In simple words, it is completely impossible. The only way the application can go viral is through built-in growth.

This is a huge misconception that the app goes viral via social media sharing features. But this is not the truth. Build an application that roars through its perfection. Its built-in feature should nudge the app user to share it with friends, family, co-workers, etc. This can be done using the app virality cycle.

How does an application go viral?
The virality process begins when a user gets to know the application with a unique concept. The user then proceeds to activation. The activation stage is where users engage with the application. To make the application go viral, there is a genuine need to attract users and encourage them to share the application. The spiral of virality is created, and this keeps repeating itself.

Talking about application growth, it will be completely handled by the users. It’s called the network effect, which means the more the application is shared, the faster its growth rises. This is the main reason for the application’s virality. The users get to know the best qualities of the application. Through the medium of sharing, information spreads.

Social media sharing option
The effortless way to make the app viral is through social media sharing capabilities. It should be accessible in the application. It doesn’t matter what category the application belongs to, and it should have the sharing feature. Integrate social media feeds into the application. For example, once the user reaches a certain level in gaming applications. The user gets the pop-up message to review and share the application if they enjoyed the game app. They even get the option to ask their Facebook friends to play with them. Who doesn’t want to do that?

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Get reviews
The marketing team aims to get positive feedback from customers without being too nosy. It finally boosts the application’s growth and the ranking of the application as well. Improve app ranking and increase the downloads through positive reviews by the clients. Before asking for reviews on an app, it should provide adequate and good content to the public. Continuous interruption of the user experience can have a negative impact. Instead of asking for the five stars, ask whether the user is enjoying the application or not.

Onboarding of the user
The first impression is the most important. That is why user onboarding plays an important role. The application should get the best experience. Grabbing the user’s attention should be the main goal, and it will, in turn, increase the retention rate of the application. To make the onboarding process perfect, it should display the best features. The information in the application should be clear and concise. To help the customers with the application, keep in mind a guide option or functionality tutorial where the users can learn how to run and use the application. Too much content is also bad, and progress tables can be a gamechanger for the growth of the application.

“Wow” factor

Having a “wow” factor can be a great opportunity for applications’ development. An application can give an experience that can cause an evolution in some aspect of the user’s life. The change can be something huge or a small thing. Like ordering food, and it gets delivered within 15 minutes. Think about calling a cab, and it reaches the pickup point in two minutes. Even if the change is small, it should have a significant effect on someone’s life. The wow factor should have a strong connection to the user’s life. Bringing ease to life or providing the best solution for an issue can be the wow factor your application is looking for.

These factors hold a special place in application virality and should be followed properly. Going viral is something every application developer and marketer should work upon, and the work on its virality should start from the very beginning. Don’t wait any longer, and follow the steps and make your application go viral.

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