avoid rejection of iOS app

Here’s how to avoid rejection of your IOS app?

We have said this many times, yet we say it again. The quality and the functionality of the applications have to be perfect. For what, you may ask? The triumph of the mobile experience is the answer. Don’t we all enjoy spending endless time on our mobile phones? What do we look at most of the time? So many questions, I know, right. All right, let me tell you the answer: the mobile apps. Of course, you already know this.

Apple’s App store has become a prevalent platform among people. As per 2020 stats, two million apps exist, including gaming apps. Why is Apple the most popular? Because it provides the best user experience and functionality. Apple follows a strict procedure to approve any app. Surprisingly, almost 1/6th of the apps never reached the platform and never came out for public use.

You are reading this blog, so it’s clear that you don’t want your hard work, time, and money to go to waste. We are trying to be very transparent about this matter. The first step is to understand Apple’s approval process.

Here we will talk about why IOS applications’ approval gets denied. Their solutions are also here, so keep a sharp eye on the details.

The first reason an IOS app gets rejected is that it has bugs and incomplete versions. Being one of the largest companies, it has the best team of engineers, testers, and QA professionals. They test and verify every submitted application. Bugs, broken functionality, and hyperlinks become the major reason for the application’s rejection.

So, how can we resolve this issue? Proper testing of applications is necessary. Remove all the bugs before sending the app for approval. You are completely wrong if you think a small bug or functionality failure can’t get caught.

Make a slight mistake, and your app reaches the rejection stage. Hire a professional testing service provider. They will completely remove all the bugs and issues from your application.

Another factor that impacts the approval of your application is app crashes. Apple can’t tolerate app crashes during testing sessions. Hence, applications get rejected immediately. The testing procedure at Apple is exhaustive, and the application goes through various testing procedures.

Approval is denied if the app fails to run through any stage. To avoid this, try to do thorough testing of the application. The app should have the capability to work on various devices. So, make sure it runs for cross-platform operation.

Even though Android rules the market share, Apple provides the best user interface and experience. It is one of the areas where IOS value is much higher than Androids. The strict rules are what make Apple perfect. Apple professionals keep an eye on the visuals and feel of the applications. If it doesn’t meet their standards, the application is rejected. If you want to avoid application rejection, then make sure to be consistent with the visuals. Follow the human interface guidelines.

According to Apple’s guidelines, any app that takes more than 15 seconds to launch from scratch will be rejected. The reason is that consumers are not expected to remain longer than that. Remember that Apple wants your app to finish loading all of its data into RAM, connect to backend databases, and have the homepage available for user interaction in roughly 15 seconds. To deal with this problem, create simple applications that load quickly. Try testing the application on various Apple devices to learn about the loading times and fix them.

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